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    Berita Nduvuya3Hakah Ayesiza2Maureen Mokaya
    I joined as an Engineering Intern and have risen to an Engineering Manager. High Flyer helped provide platforms/talks that challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and an education benefit, through which I upskilled.
    Berita Nduvya
    Engineering Test Manager​ in Nairobi, Kenya
    Never did I believe when joining M-KOPA over 7 years ago as a customer care agent, that I would receive the coaching and support to become manager of the whole team.
    Hakah Ayesiza
    Sr. Manager Customer Care​ in Kampala, Uganda
    I started working for M-KOPA when I left college. Through this job, I have had the advantage of learning the full assembly of a solar TV and how to repair and re-use smartphones so they don’t go to waste.
    Maureen Mokaya
    M-KOPA Production Operator in Nairobi, Kenya