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  • Samsung A14 Za

    Samsung A14

    Work hard, play hard with the Samsung A14 all-day 3-day battery life, 50MP triple camera and 6.55inch display.

  • Nokia C21 Blue Front Back Int

    Nokia C21

    Epic all-day battery life - from just a single charge means you can do more of what you love.

  • Samsung Galaxy A03 Core Removebg Preview

    Samsung A03

    The Samsung A03 is an entry-level smartphone that offers an affordable option for anyone in need of a basic mobile device.

  • Hero D Removebg Preview

    Samsung A13

    Take excellent photos with the powerful camera all day long.

  • Samsung Galaxy A23 4gb 128gb Black Removebg Preview

    Samsung A23

    The Samsung A23  features a sleek design, great camera and a wide screen, making it a stylish and practical choice for everyday use.

  • X10

    Nokia X10

    The Nokia X10 is a high-performance smartphone designed for power users, offering lightning-fast speeds and robust features for a premium mobile experience.

  • Nokia C21 Plus Dark Cyan Front Back Int

    Nokia C21 Plus

    Combine affordability with durability at a budget-friendly price point.

  • G21 New

    Nokia G21

    Enjoy the impressive Nokia G21 performance and durability without breaking the bank!

  • Hospicash New Logo 2021 01 Cropped

    Medical Cover

    Protect your health and your wallet. Get fast access to M-KOPA Hospicash coverage for peace of mind and financial security.

  • Microsoftteams Image (337)


    Unlock access to cash loans with your M-KOPA smartphone fast and hassle-free.

  • Ampersand Image


    Effortlessly conquer any terrain with the power and convenience of the Ampersand Mid Drive electric motorbike.  Fast and easy battery swaps ensure you never miss a business opportunity.

  • Roam Electric 7

    ROAM Air

    Experience the thrill of the ride with an eco-friendly twist with a Roam Air electric motorbike.  Designed and built right here in Kenya, you can charge easily from anywhere, including your home.

  • Copia Logo English Slogan 1

    M-KOPA e-voucher

    Access Copia products through the M-KOPA e-voucher instantly and get any household, food and construction materials at the click of a button.

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Img 1121Spintex1035a6760 (1)Susanna Ofori Ghana
Before I got my smartphone, my chicks were dying. Now, I send photos to the agrovet and he helps by giving advice and telling me medicines to buy. Now, my chicks all live!
Grace Mutheu
Customer in Machakos, Kenya
I use the M-KOPA phone to promote my business through digital marketing, and as a result, my business income has increased. I stay in touch with family too.
Jonathan Antwi
Customer in Accra, Ghana
Once I got a smartphone, I could sign up for ride-hailing apps. I earn so much now I have bought my own bike and I’m saving for a second to rent to another rider!
Abdulah Bakibisemyu
Customer in Kampala Uganda
I am now able to communicate with people across town to buy my clothes. I speak to my suppliers too. With my old feature phone, I could not share photos or advertise my business.
Susanna Ofori
Customer in Accra, Ghana