M-KOPA gives you more than a phone. Unbox a sleek and modern design just for you.


Moments, beautifully captured.

Massive 50MP camera for stunning selfies.


Every detail comes to life.

Crisp & clear visuals with HD+ resolution.

6.56 inch


256 GB


With stand-out features.


Simu bora kutoka kwa kampuni unayoiamini.

The M-KOPA X20 is dust and splash resistant. Get it and unbox with the following: SIM pin, C-type USB cable, charging adapter, free case, screen protector and user guide.

Frame 222

–– More Than a Phone

Fungua manufaa zaidi. Fanya malipo kwa wakati. The M-KOPA X20 smartphone connects you to a world of benefits. Pay well, pay everyday to maintain your benefits and unlock more.


Smart . Smart money

M-KOPA gives flexible daily payments for the everyday earner, making it easier to own devices and unlock progress.

First deposit

KES 4,299

Daily payment – KES 95

Payment duration – 365 days

Total loan payment – KES 38,974

Safe & trusted
payment options.


The X20 awaits you! Pay daily with our official M-KOPA Pay Bill Number – 333222, tagging your ID as the account number, and own your dream, sophisticated phone.

Note: M-KOPA does not accept any cash payments.

M-KOPA in-app payment

Initiate effortless in-app payment by:

  1. Signing into the M-KOPA app.
  2. Tapping the ‘Make Payment’ button and following the prompts.

Note: M-KOPA does not accept cash payments.

M-KOPA X20 Agent

Sell smart, earn big.

Join M-KOPA as a sales agent and start earning commissions. Waweza fanikiwa zaidi.

Frequently Asked Questions

The M-KOPA X20 phone is a part of the X-series family. The M-KOPA X20 phone is ‘More than a phone’, giving you access to add-ons such as free 4GB Safaricom data, medical insurance, and phone protection for broken screens or in case of theft. You can also unlock access to our embedded financial services like cash loans.

The payments you make on the M-KOPA X20 Phone can be done by simply using the M-KOPA mobile app that is already on the M-KOPA X20 phone. Here’s a quick guide.

  1. Open the M-KOPA app
  2. Tap ‘Make Payment’ and follow the prompts.

An alternative to making payments on the M-KOPA X20 is through our official Pay Bill 333222.  Note: M-KOPA does not accept any cash payments.

Ensure you have your Wi-Fi or mobile data with an active data bundle on your SIM card. Once your Wi-Fi or mobile data is turned on and connected, you can unlock your M-KOPA X20 Phone.

Yes, there are. Regular software updates will be available on the M-KOPA X20 phone. Follow these simple steps to check for updates:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap ‘System’
  3. Go to ‘System update’

If a software update is available, kindly proceed to update the M-KOPA X20 phone.

If you are admitted to receive treatments in any hospital registered by the Ministry of Health for one night or more, you will receive a cashback of Sh.1,000 per night of admission. This M-KOPA health insurance benefit is available only for a maximum of 30 nights per year, with a yearly limit of Sh. 30,000.

This M-KOPA health insurance benefit only covers the person whose information was registered, when purchasing the M-KOPA X20 Phone. 

To claim your in-patient cover, call us on 0800 221 245 or text Turaco on WhatsApp via 0768387 245 as soon as the incident occurs (within a maximum of one week), and one of our agents will assist you with the necessary documentation.

In-patient claims are disbursed to you within 3 business days of receiving full documentation. The money will be sent to your M-PESA or via Airtel Money.

Hospital cash doesn’t provide upfront cash to members. They must first clear their medical bills and file a claim with Turaco. Once approved, Turaco will pay their claim within 3 days.

Affordable access to one (1) screen repair at M-KOPA authorised outlets for KES 1000 during the first year of purchase. 

M-KOPA customers can access an affordable replacement of a stolen X20 phone for KES 3000 during the first year of purchase.

During this period, if a customer’s device is stolen, they can visit an M-KOPA-authorised service centre to file a claim and pay KES 3000 for a replacement phone.

After three months of on-time repayments, customers are eligible for access to mobile cash loans during their phone loan repayment period.

You only have a one-month waiting period from when the M-KOPA X20 Phone is purchased, before you can make a claim. If your phone gets stolen, you can put in a claim of KES 3000 to get a replacement phone. Also, as an M-KOPA customer, you get your broken screen replaced by paying just KES 1000.

To access the M-KOPA X20 phone protection benefit, you are expected to pay the copay upfront before a successful benefit claim is logged. An upfront amount of KES 3,000 is paid for lost or stolen phones and a co-pay of KES 1,000 is paid for broken screen repair.

So long as you have not made claims for the M-KOPA X20 Phone broken screen repair, you are expected to make a co-pay payment of KES 1,000. Once this is done, you are required to present the phone with the broken screen, a valid ID, and fill out an indemnification form.

So long as you have not made claims for replacement prior to your request, you are required to make a co-pay payment of KES 3,000, present a stamped police report or OB,  a valid ID, and fill out a claim form.

The turnaround time is as follows:

  1. Broken screen repair: 10 days
  2. Lost/Stolen replacement:48 hours

You would need to stick to your repayment plan, make payments and always have your payment statuses on GREEN on the M-KOPA App.