We give millions of people a pathway to ownership with an M-KOPA device that sits at the heart of the home or palm of the hand, connecting lights, smartphones, radios, TVs, fridges and more. This creates shared value by making people healthier, wealthier and more productive.






Lives impacted by clean, modern energy services


Dollars customers have saved from fuel displacement


Individuals connecting to the internet for the first time


Tonnes of CO2 avoided from entering the climate


Rural households – living far from access to grid electricity – are transformed when toxic, open-flame kerosene lanterns are replaced with clean, solar-powered lighting and TVs. More than 1 million rural homes now live without the immediate health and safety threats of lanterns and have avoided 5 billion cumulative hours of breathing toxin-laden air, in addition to safeguarding families from housefires and burns from open flames.

Moreover, access to solar-powered energy contributes more than to wellbeing alone. Most M-KOPA customers report that children’s education improves, as 55% cite increased study-time at home with bright lighting, and nearly 40% note women are the primary beneficiary of solar that empowers them with access to critical, informative content through TV and/or radio.

[M-KOPA] saves my time, my money. Now I spend time with my kids helping them to do their homework…


Kipandini, Kenya


Customers unlock financing to own their futures with PAYG financing for high-quality products and services that improve quality of life. Solar provides light to keep businesses open for longer, while phones connect micro-merchants with suppliers, customers and the wider world for business and upskilling.

Customers acknowledge that their M-KOPA product enables them to support incomes, whether that is getting a new job, working longer hours, or supporting a business. By unlocking nearly $500 million in loans for customers, customers have gone on to generate more than $112 million in income for local economies and $478 million in savings for household budgets. Moreover, to further reach customers, M-KOPA supports more than 7,000 Direct Sales Agents to earn stable incomes in the fast-growing tech sector.

M-KOPA helps me get clean and bright light, while paying less than I did for kerosene. Now I have more money at the end of the week to spend on my family.


Athi River, Kenya


Smartphones and TVs are gateways for customers to access knowledge and information previously out of reach.

While 75% of people in Sub-Saharan Africa remain unconnected to the internet – our innovative financing model unlocks access to mobile internet, with 50% of customers reporting first-time internet use. Now customers enjoy the benefits of being online and use technology confidently to improve their day-to-day lives.

The phone has helped me to run my business smoothly. I’ve been able to make more money because my farmers get the right pictures.

Kampala, Uganda


Empowering nearly 3.7 million individuals with assets to enable climate resilience in Africa, safeguarding our planet and climate for generations to come.

Access to PAYG Solar has enabled millions of customers to cease emitting 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and black carbon into the environment, while introducing more than 300,000 energy-efficient appliances into previously off-grid homes. Moreover, customers’ e-waste recycling has, in turn, given a second life to refurbished phones and solar systems through circular economy principles – inviting over 60,000 more onto the PAYG pathway.

Around 87% to 90% of the returns are refurbished… We partner with e-waste management companies that process the e-waste in a healthy way…


Repairs Manager, M-KOPA

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