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Get instant access to M-KOPA products from day one, while building ownership over time through easy daily payments

We believe that everyone should have the power to achieve progress in their life, and access to financing unlocks this power. We reach customers who are underserved by traditional financial services, which often require customers to have a credit history or assets to secure financing.

Our innovative financing model offers them instant access to the product, while building ownership over time through flexible micro-payments.

Once a customer has paid off the instalments for their product, they can leverage this asset and their credit history with M-KOPA to access more products and services to progress in their life.


It has been over 10 years since M-KOPA pioneered and kick-started the wider pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar market. The concept for our business model was first sketched out by our founders on a whiteboard in early 2010. Our idea was to combine the power of digital micropayments with IoT (Internet-of-Things) connectivity to make credit more accessible, and solar was just the start.

Since then, we have built one of the world’s most advanced digital credit platforms. We have used it to provide nearly $600 million in credit that has enabled over 1 million customers to access solar lighting, energy-efficient televisions and fridges, smartphones, cash loans, and more.

Our Customer Promise


Our priority is that customers LOVE M-KOPA. This motivation is shared by our entire team and is evidenced in the quality of our products, our flexible micro-payments and the value that customers derive from connecting to an M-KOPA device.

Our promise is to provide a GREAT after sale service experience to our customers through our call center helplines and via our network of 100+ Service Centers across the region.

Our commitment is that OUR CUSTOMERS are at the heart of every decision that we make, every product that we develop and in every market that we serve. We do this to ensure that our customers continue to CHOOSE M-KOPA.

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Our global team takes pride in the following company values:

PROGRESS – Progress Every Day

We pioneer, learn, and strive to get better. We embrace thinking differently, taking risks, and challenging the status quo to help our customers and team achieve progress.

EXCELLENCE – Excellence Where it Counts

We are clear about what matters and focus relentlessly on executing our top priorities with excellence.
We sweat the details and take pride in delivering our personal best.

HUMILITY – In Service of Our Customers

We are a diverse team united by passion for our mission. We place our customers at the heart of everything we do and collaborate without ego to deliver for them.


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Global Cleantech 100 Company

Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies
(2015 and 2018)

MIT Technology Review – 50 Smartest Companies List (2017)
GSMA Glomo Awards (2016)
Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Companies Changing the World (2015)
Zayed Future Energy Prize (2015)
Bloomberg New Energy Finance Award (2014)
FT / IFC Award for Excellence in Sustainable Finance (2013)
AfricaCom Award for Rural Telecoms (2013)