M-KOPA Releases the 2023 Impact Report

With a record-breaking year coming to an end, we are very excited to be releasing our Impact Report for 2023, revealing remarkable progress, with 3 million customers across Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana, impacting over 16 million lives;  M-KOPA continues to offer fair and flexible financial services that people can access to achieve progress.
As before, the impact report includes our own data, and qualitative feedback based on over 900 customer interviews conducted independently by leading impact measurement firm 60_decibels; highlighting inspiring stories from customers and sales agents who were able to unlock new opportunities with M-KOPA.
An example is 34-year-old Ronald, who through his job as a sales agent at M-KOPA, was able to start investing in a mobile money business, real estate as well as save up for a car, which he believes will provide him with an even higher degree of independence.

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The company’s impact is measured through four distinct pillars:  Included, Connected, Prosperous, Green –  reflecting M-KOPA’s core mission as a sustainability driven fintech platform providing financial services to otherwise excluded individuals across the African continent.
Here are some of the insights from our four pillars:

M-KOPA’s flexible and customer centric financing model has had an enormous impact on underbanked communities by unlocking opportunities for financial inclusion and digital connectivity to them. We also provide financial inclusion to our sales agents by providing them with the opportunity to earn a commission from the sales of our products. 

  • M-KOPA unlocked over $1 billion in credit
  • 80% of customers say that repayment terms are not an issue
  • 14,000 jobs created with M-KOPA

Through its life-enhancing products, M-KOPA is able to digitally connect its customers, effectively opening the door to new opportunities and income growth.

  • 42% of M-KOPA customers were given their first opportunity to own a smartphone through M-KOPA
  • 82% of M-KOPA customers report income growth as a result to using M-KOPA products 
  • 1 million of M-KOPA customers are first-time internet users 

By financially including customers and connecting them digitally, M-KOPA is able to help customers invest additional income into their businesses, health and education, leading to a more prosperous life. 

  • 82% of customers report an improved quality of life as a result of using M-KOPA products.
  • 57% of customers investing in improved education
  • 86% of customers investing in improved meals 
  • 58%​ of customers investing in improved health care

M-KOPA’s sustainability driven business approach has achieved great results for our environment and helped customers find more environmentally friendly products. 

  • To date M-KOPA has provided solar home systems to 1 million customers, offsetting 2.1M tonnes of CO2 and providing healthier homes for our customers.
  • Over 80,000 customers with second-life devices through circular economy 
  • Over 200 e-motorbikes sold 

For a closer look at the impact of these milestones on our communities and markets, please head to the impact report.