COVID-19 Customer Support

We know many of our customers are feeling the impact of COVID-19, with limitations on their daily activities, extra responsibilities like educating children at home, and financial difficulties from reduced income or job loss. Here are a few ways we are supporting customers during this time:

(1) Expansion of ‘borrow credits’ program: We have expanded our ‘Borrow Credit’ programme (known as ‘Okoa Mwangaza’ in Kenya and ‘Tovaako’ in Uganda), as follows:

  1. Smartphones qualify. Smartphone customers can now apply to borrow credit.
  2. Qualify sooner. You qualify to borrow credit after making only 30 days of payments.
  3. 2 for 1. For every 2 days of M-KOPA credits you buy, you qualify for 1 day of borrowed credit.
  4. Up to 15 days of borrowed credit. The first time you borrow, you can borrow up to 5 credits. After the first time, you can borrow up to 15 days credit at a time. Customers can borrow credits by dialing *685# in Kenya and *284*40# in Uganda.

(2) Safaricom Bonga Points. We are reminding all customers that they can redeem their Bonga points for M-KOPA credits, by dialling *126#.

(3) No negative credit references: We have suspended negative credit reference bureau reporting across all markets of operation.

(4) Uninterrupted service: We know customers are relying on us for light, communication, and access to information as much as ever during this COVID-19 period, and we take this responsibility seriously. See here for an update on our operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Okoa Mwangaza/Tovaako?
Okoa Mwanganza/Tovaako is a financial service we offer customers when they experience temporary financial challenges making their daily payments. Customers can get credits now and pay later. For each credit taken, an extra credit will be added to an outstanding balance at the end of their loan. Alongside our generous returns policy, it is designed to make M-KOPA’s payment plans the most fair and flexible way to finance a range of useful appliances.

How are smartphone users included?
Now our smartphone customers can apply to borrow credit. Previously only solar customers were eligible.

What is the expanded eligibility?
You only need to have made 30 days of payments to qualify to borrow credit, as opposed to the 120 days previously.

What are the ‘two for one’ days?
This allows qualifying customers to get 3 days of power while paying for 2, with the 3rd being delayed until the end of the payment plan. Previously you needed to pay for at least 5 M-KOPA credits, to qualify for 2 days of borrowed credit.

What is the total number of days that can be borrowed at any one time?
Customers can now borrow up to 15 days at any one time. Previously, the limit on the number of borrowed credits was 5 days for first-time users and 10 days for others.

How will my credit status be impacted at this time?
Effective April 1 through September 30 (and beyond if necessary), we won’t be providing any negative credit reports to the CRB for any customer in any market.

What products are eligible for free delivery?
In Kenya only, if you are upgrading your system to a +600, +6000, +6500 or a ZUKU package, we will deliver it to your house for free in line with county and government directives. This helps customers access essential power, information and refrigeration systems, even during lock down.

What if I need to make a return?
All customers should avoid travelling unless they need to. Customer can make a return in line with our 30 or 90-day cancelation policy. They simply need to call customer service. We will log that cancelation date on our system and deactivate the device immediately. The customer should store the device securely and return it when they are able to do so safely. The refund will be payable upon receipt of the device, but it will be back-dated to the day of deactivation.