15th August 2016, Kisumu, Kenya… M-KOPA Solar is today announcing that it has sold over 10,000 solar TV systems since the pilot programme was launched in February 2016. And its pay-as-you-go solar TV package is now being rolled out to all 75 service centres over the next month.

Yesse Oenga, Chief Commercial Officer at M-KOPA Solar says, “This pilot has exceeded our projections and demand for M-KOPA TV remains high, as we go into the national roll out. With affordable payment plans, our customers can now access information or entertainment from the comfort of their homes.

“TV ownership is a dream come true for most of our customers. Our research data told us that 80% of them had never envisioned owning a TV before we launched our pay-as-you-go package.”

Traditionally, people living off grid have had to walk long distances to the nearest shopping centres to watch TV at a cost. This has hindered the majority of the population, especially women and children, from accessing information first hand.

Michael Onyango, M-KOPA customer says, “M-KOPA has brought a transformation in my family. I used to pay at least Kshs 100 per day to watch news and soccer in a bar. This also meant that I was away from my family in the evenings. M-KOPA has been a winner for all of us. My wife and children can access information without relying on third parties and I am also putting my money towards ownership.”

According to the Kenya Audience Research Foundation 2015 establishment data, TV only reaches 31% of the adult population on a daily basis. This leaves 69% of adults in the ‘dark’, who either lack access to power or simply cannot afford a TV set.

Loice Atieno, 60 year old who has never owned a TV says, “I never thought I would own a TV in my lifetime due to lack of finances. I am now assured of my grandson’s safety as he longer needs to sneak out to the shopping centre late at night to watch TV.”

Customers who have finished paying off their M-KOPA 4 solar home system payment plans are now able to extend their Kshs 50 per day payment plan to upgrade to the “M-KOPA + TV”.

The M-KOPA 400 is also available for customers who want to buy a complete solar home system with TV. It includes a 20W PV panel and battery pack, a 16” digital TV, two lights, a torch, a phone charger and a radio. It is available to new customers at a deposit plus one year of daily payments of Kshs 125.

M-KOPA is on track to connect a million homes to its solar systems by the end of 2017. And it is making these affordable, thanks to its pay-as-you-go plans offered in Kenya through M-PESA.