M-KOPA connects over 630,000 homes and a special 100,000th subscriber in Uganda

31st Oct 2018 Mpelerwe, Uganda… Haddijah Nakintu, a business woman from Mpelerwe is our 100,000th subscriber in Uganda. This means there are now over 630,000 homes connected to M-KOPA across Africa.

M-KOPA is at the heart of a home or business – connecting lights, phone charging, radios, TVs and fridges. Subscribers choose a payment plan that suits them and they can quickly qualify for upgrades to more appliances, devices and financial services.

Haddijah, a mother of four, says, “M-KOPA is a great invention. It will address the unreliable power supply in my area, help me save power money and even earn more money in the shop. Showing the TV will bring in more customers and my family can also relax here with me when we’re open late.”

David Damberger, Managing Director, M-KOPA Uganda says, “M-KOPA is taking its customers beyond expensive perishables and other unreliable service offerings. With M-KOPA, Haddijah has found a new way to access products and connect her business. M-KOPA is unlocking solar, information, technology and finance for millions of people like Haddijah.”