Programme Overview

Level Up with the M-KOPA Phone Swap, a simple and fast way to upgrade your old Samsung phone to a newer model.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Prepare your old phone for trade-in: Back-up or make a copy of any personal data that you wish to retain from your old device. Make sure your old phone is at least 50% charged before you come to swap.
  2. Visit one of our participating dealer stores: Bring the old phone that you want to trade in, and your Ghana ID, to a participating store. Accepted models for trade-in are the A04e, A14, A22.
  3. Trade-in assessment: A trained trade-in agent at the store will assess your old device and assign it a trade-in value of up to 1,035 ghs.
  4. Decision: You decide whether or not you want to trade-in your device, based on the trade-in value quotes and the programme T&Cs.
  5. Choose your new phone: Select a new Samsung device of your choice.
  6. Swap your phone: Redeem the trade-in value as a discount towards the price of your new Samsung device to complete the trade-in. Please note that the swap is subject to trade-in eligibility.

For more details about the programme, please check the terms and conditions.


Who can participate in the M-KOPA Phone Swap?

Participants must be in the possession of a valid Ghanaian identity and be at least 18 (eighteen) years old at the time of trade-in

Participants must be the rightful owner of the Pre-Owned device that they intend to trade-in

Where can I participate in the M-KOPA Phone Swap?

The M-KOPA Phone Swap is available at the following Franko Trading Enterprise and Gafkwa Trading Enterprise stores in Accra:

Shop Location
Franko Ashaiman
Franko Madina
Franko Osu
Franko Madina
Franko Tema
Gafkwa Circle

Which old models will be accepted for trade-in?

Accepted models for trade-in are: Samsung Galaxy A04e, Samsung Galaxy A14, Sasmung Galaxy A22

Which new models will I be able to swap my old device for?

You are free to choose any new Samsung device that is available at the participating dealer store

How will my old device be assessed?

Every Pre-Owned device submitted to be traded-in will be assessed in 3 stages:

Screening: Each device must be screened to confirm it is eligible for the trade-in programme

Software diagnosis: Software diagnosis is conducted on the device, using the Phonecheck consumer app. If any test is failed, the device is not eligible for the trade-in programme, and the process ends here. If all test are passed successfully, the device can proceed to cosmetic assessment

Cosmetic assessment: The cosmetic condition of the device is assessed, and all eligible devices will be assigned one of the following grades:

Grade A = “gold” or great condition
Grade B = “silver” or good condition

What trade-in value should I expect?

You will receive a Trade-in Value based on the device model and grade

How long is the process?

The whole process end to end, including device assessment, is typically completed in less than 10 minutes

What if I change my mind?

By trading in, you will forgo ownership over your old device. This is non-refundable and not reversible

The traded-in device will be factory reset (passwords removed, data wiped). You are advised to back-up your device before you bring it for trade-in to avoid data loss

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